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Everyone at Brick and Earth Infratech Pvt Ltd strongly believes in this and works firmly at every stage of work. We not only focus on the physical structure of the building but incorporate the culture i.e every emotion, and thought of the people who live in it to set aside an auspicious space for them to live for long. We are recognized as one of the top architecture service providers in the market. Personalization is something exceptional that people appreciate choosing us. Architecture is the discipline within itself and we equally value the Vastu where we push the boundaries of the building in an innovative way for the clear pursuit of the artwork.

Whether it is residential and commercial buildings, we are experts in providing landscaping designs, structural designs, and plumbing and electrical designs.

Lets Build Your Dream Together

Teamwork is the key to maximize productivity.

As we continue to grow rapidly, professionals passionate about their work and opting to make a career with us today will find more challenging and exciting opportunities to contribute and grow with us. So if you are a smart, talented and enterprising individual and can fit into our organizational culture and value system, headquartered in Bangalore.


BrickEarth has been consistently and rapidly touching many milestones and it is our sense of focus which has put us there. We believe in an open culture and value integrity, commitment, teamwork and excellence towards work.


Personalized design at affordable price


Personalized design at affordable price


Personalized design at affordable price


Personalized design at affordable price


Personalized design at affordable price


Personalized design at affordable price

Residential Construction Our quality of work and long-term enduring projects

We use the Best Branded materials and employ a Trusted Construction team to build your Dream Home. All our works are supervised by experienced and qualified Engineers.

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